The Chair

Ah, Derek'sDiscount Pizza.

The best pizzathree bucks can buy.

How can they affordto make a pizzafor three bucks? Because Derek'sa smart businessman who knows howto maximize profits.

Or because he putsketchup on a newspaper and covers it in cheese.


Looks like Derek cut itinto five slices again.

Well, I'm twiceas awesome as you guys, so I'll just takethe extra slice.

You want it? Let's arm wrestlefor it.

What? No way.

That's not fair.

I mean, uh, for you.

Hey, guys.

We're a team now.

Whatever we get,we should share.

Hey, what's this? The new X3000gaming chair our team got that I'm not gonna share.

– What?!- Thief!- Blasphemer.

I've only read aboutthe X3000.

It's the most powerfulinteractive gamingchair ever made.

I wanna getmy buns in this thing.

Your buns couldn't handlethis thing.

You don't know what my bunscan handle, Wendell.

All right, fine.

Even though they clearlysent the chair to us because of me,we'll compromise.

You guys can havethe extra slice, I'm keeping the chair.

No way.

We're sharing this chairequally between the four of us.

I'll go getmy mom's chainsaw.

Okay, hold on.

You guys are right.

This chair was sent to our team,and that's all of us.

So here's what we do.

We'll hold a contestand game for it.

Winner gets the chair.

I'll pick oneat random.

How about Arctic Warfare? How about.

Volleyball Hero? Uh, how about.

Monster Truck Bloodbath? How about.

yeah, I'm not good atany of these games.

That's true.

Franklin's notgood at any game, so how about we lethim decide which arctic-basedwarfare game we'regonna play.


Franklin,it's your choice.

You choose the game,and that's whatwe'll play.

Right, guys? Whatever.

In that case, we'll play the game.

of no gaming.

– I'm sorry?- What?- Blasphemer! The chair shall go towhoever lasts the longest without gaming.

Oh! So we can onlygame on our phones.

No! You can gameon nothing.

Now, hand overall of your gaming gear.

You know what? I'm in.

Well, if he's in,I'm twice as in.

Ashley? ( sighs ) Ashley? Ashley? You are a sick,twisted little man.

I can't take it.

How many days has it beensince we stopped gaming? Uh, four minutes, sir.

Oh, man, this is terrible.

Uh, Ashley, you okay? You don't look too good.

I'm hearing voices.

That was me.

Oh, therethey go again.

This is crazy.

You know what?We can still game.

We just gotta goold school.

– Super Kart Man?- Pony Kong? No.

We're gonna play this.

What is it? It's a board game.

It's called Whoopsie.

– I'll be the car.

– I'll be the boot.

– I'll be the frying plan.

– I'll be the laundry basket.

Okay, everybody putyour piece on the start line.

Franklin,your roll.



Uh, it's not moving.

Maybe the batteriesare dead.

There are no batteries.

You move the pieceby hand.

( scoffs )What are we, animals? Two, three, four,five, six.

– Four.

– That's a whoopsie.

You have to saywhoopsie and moveyour piece back two.

Okay, I'm not doing that.

You have to, or you getsent to the uh-oh pit.



( laughing ) Whoopsie.

That is so dumb.


One, two, three.

Ooh, you gota yowza card.

"Say whoopsiethree times.

" Whoopsie.



What's all that, Wendell? I did all ofmy homework for the next year.

It turns out I havea lot of free time when I'm not gaming.

You know, I really thoughtone of you would've caved by now, and I'd be one step closerto getting that chair.


What's that sound? That's the sound ofthumbs mashing buttons.

And I know thosenimble thumbs.

Come on, come on,you can do this.

Level up, level up.

Yeah! It's not whatit looks like.

Really? 'Cause it lookslike you're pretending to play a video gamewith a calculatorand a hamster.

That's not a hamster.

He's a warlord from Narloo running on a plasma wheelto power his ship.

Uh, your warlord just atea piece of his own poop.

You say poop,I say power pellet.

You should beashamed of yourself.

Hey, you're the onewho dressed likeit's picture day at St.


Well, Conor didn'ttechnically break the rules.

Everyone's still in.

For now.

You guys are nevergoing to make it.

You know why? Girls have strongerwillpower.

( whimpering )What's all this? Video game companyFuntendo has taken overour school today, which means no classes,all gaming.

I'm out! Man, I've been sending inapplications to have Funtendotake over our school for the past five years, and today isthe day I win? I hate stuff! Ashley, I can't believeyou're playing the original versionof Moon Blaster.

You know what makes iteven better? I'm playing at school.

( both groaning ) Can I smellyour controller hand when you're done? I call sweaty seconds.

No, go forward.

And hit the gas.

You're only going20 miles an hour.

I am in a construction zone,and I wanna be safe.

It's a racing game.

Now hit the nitro.

I thought you likedvideo games, Conor.

You should play.

You stop peer pressuring me.

As principal, you have toprovide an alternative activity for those of uswho choose not to game.

Now, I want something to do.


I see Lunch Lady Doreenis going buns over tea kettle for Donkey Bonanza.

( donkeys braying ) Maybe you can help outin the kitchen.

Whoa! Those fellasjust whipped right by me like a couple ofspeedy demons.

That's why it's calledSpeedy Demons! Oh, good.

A police officer.

He will pull them over.

Me? Why me?I didn't do anything.

I can't get pulled over.

I've got unpaid parking tickets.

I'm not goingto the big house.

Not today, fuzz! Wow, we have a "B"from the health board? That's actuallypretty good.

That's not a "B.

" Hey, roaches, beat it! Okay, we're makin'a fruit salad, so pay attention.

It getspretty complicated.

You cut up fruitand put it in a bowl.

Oh! Look who went tofancy chef college.

Now, I'll get the fruitand you slice 'em, but don't cutthe avocados.

The pits willdull our knives.

Oh, this fruit boxis really heavy.

( laughs )Just toss 'em over.

Hey, keep 'em comin'.

Game on.

Oh! So beautiful! You think you're better thanme, Mr.

Fancy Chef College? No.

Well, at least I wouldn'tsay it out loud.

You're tryingto take my job! Now, many saythe Mayflower Compact was the blueprintfor a democratic society in the new world.

Wow! I think I just usedsomething in my head that I've never used before.

It's called your brain.

It's giving me.

thinky bubbles.

Those are thoughts.

What have I become? Stupid dragon ate me again.

I thought I had a shield.

Uh, activation is achieved by triple tappingthe red button.

You know howto play this game? Yeah, I presently holdthe high score.

You're Ginger Buns? Yeah, but I'm takinga little gaming sabbatical.

It means a break.

It's okay.

I used to be dumb, too.

It's too badyou don't play, 'cause if you'd help meslay one little dragon, I'd be so grateful.

I'd give you a big,long kiss.

I am so glad you can't seemy thinky bubbles right now.

Are you gonnaslay my dragon,Ginger Buns? I'm out! So, gamers, you wanna know how tosurvive without gaming? ( laughs ) Well, ask somebody else,because I don't know.

It's impossible.

It's like tryingnot to breathe, or pee in a hot shower.

It was down to me and Franklinto win that chair.

I just had to keepmy head down and get through the rest of the school daywithout losing it.


I can do this.

( distorted )I can do this.

( distorted laughter ) ( distorted )Step right up, Conor.

Play a game.

( distorted )Play with us, Conor.

You're a gamer.

You're a gamer.

– You're a gamer.

– No!! Sheesh! What's wrongwith him? No idea.

Wanna go see whatthey're serving for lunch? Sure, let's go.

That was close.

Dude, I just got tolevel 35 in Arctic Warfare.

You're on level 35in Arctic Warfare? I'm only on 34.

How are you on 35?! There's a glitch.

You can camp out in the glacierand rack up mad XP.

But I heard the company'sgonna patch it up any minute.

I don't think I canlast much longer.

I saw a kid playingTurtle Taxi, and I started to sweat.

I should justthrow in the towel, because there's no wayConor's going out.

I'm out! It can't be.

That means Franklin'sthe only one left.

Guys, I thinkhe might win this thing.

I'm the winner.

I get the chair.

There's losing,and then there's losing to.


How could you dothis to us? I couldn't help it.

I heard about a glitchin Arctic Warfare, but they must'vepatched it beforeI got in there.

I was just climbingup and down the glacier like an idiot.

Well, congratulations to allin a fair competition.

Now if you'llexcuse me, my buns and I have a datewith the X3000 gaming chair.

Shall we, ladies? Well, I guess the littlesquirt got lucky.

Well, speaking of luck, looks like my ladyis coming back for seconds.

Hope you guys aren't averseto public displays of affection.

It's about to getPG-13 up in here.

I bet the PGstands for pretty gross.

Have you guysseen Franklin? The name's Wendell, baby.

He owes me five bucks for pretendingto like this one.

This one? I'myour Ginger Buns.

I should've askedfor 20.

Wait a minute.

Franklin put herup to that? But why would he.

Hey, did you guys really finda glitch in Arctic Warfare? No, we just said we did, 'cause some mousey kidgave us gift cards for this tastyseafood sampler.

– Want a blow hole?- No.

I'll take it.

That's for trickingmy friend Conor.

Guys, Franklin played uslike a fiddle.

( scoffs )Maybe he playedyou two scrubs, but not me.

I only lost 'causeFuntendo showed up, and I haveno willpower.

Franklin didn't haveanything to do with that.

Oh, there you are,Wendell.

Funtendo wanted youto have this special medallion for your act of bravery.

Oh, well,thank you very much.

Uh, excuse me.

What act of braverydid you do? What act of braverydid I do? Stop being modest.

The only reason Funtendo camewas because Franklin told them about you single-handedlypushing a beached baby whale back into the ocean.

Well, it's all aboutleverage.

See, if you get lowand push with your legs.


You didn't do that.

It sounds like somethingI'd do.

You're welcome,Principal Nordahl.

I can't believeFranklinset us all up.

He's a cheatin' rat.

No, he's not a cheatin' rat.

He's a smart rat.

Franklin may not be greatat video games, but he played this gameperfectly.

Oh, really? Well, how do you know I didn't play him? 'Cause he's the onein the chair.

Yeah, but I kisseda girl, and he paid for it.

Guys, you gotta admit, our sweet, innocentlittle Franklin just might bea mad genius.

( evil laughter ) Ah, those poor suckersnever saw it coming.

This is the greatest dayof my life.

Mommy! Mommy! Okay, my turn.

You landed ona double whoopsie.

You know what that means.

Yeah, I do.

Whoopsie, whoopsie.

I'm so glad Funtendomade a video gameversion of Whoopsie.


Now this gameis actually fun.

My turn.

Yes! A group yowza.

ALL: Yowza!.

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