The Best Desk Setup for $500!

– Yo guys, Jonathan here, and welcome back to anotherepisode of the Best Desk Setup.

This time, we got a $500 budget.

And compared to the $200challenge last time, that is quite a bit moreto play around with.

You guys asked for adark theme desk setup, so that is what we are rolling with.

(upbeat electronic music) So, jump into the desk.

For this setup, I went witha Linnmon and Alex combo from Ikea in a black/brown finish.

And what I really like about it is the fact that it's modular in the sense that you can configure thedrawer to sit on either side.

There's tons of space, and with the drawer you get three smaller compartments,one large compartment, and the best thing about this is the entire desk is under $130.

So, next up, for those of you who caught the latest episode ofthe Best Tech Under $50, I showcased the Brightech USB Desk Lamp, but I actually liked it so much, and because two is better than one, for this setup I am rolling with a pair.

I think my favorite thing about this lamp is how simple butaesthetically satisfying it is.

It looks great next toa computer or a monitor and it really adds a ton of warmth and character to the setup.

I really dig the symmetry oftwo of these paired on a desk.

And on top of that, they havea stealth USB port on the side that you could use to charge your phone.

(upbeat electrical music) So, next up, a lamp without a light bulb is like peanut butter withoutjelly, lamb without tuna fish.

And with that said, what I'mthrowing inside these guys is the Philips Hue WhiteAmbiance Starter Kit.

And a huge shoutout to Philipsfor sponsoring this setup.

So, within the kit, you get two WhiteAmbiance A19 light bulbs, a Hue bridge which you can then use to expand your system later down the road.

And then, what's cool isyou also get a dimmer switch that you can use to control your lights when you don't wanna reach for your phone.

Now, the warmth of theselights paired with the lamps creates this really beautiful look that really catchesand bounces off a desk.

Beyond the mesmerizing warm light, not only do you have controlfrom warm to bright white, you can also adjust scenes.

So, here we're going from relax to read to concentrate to energize, and you can see how useful this could be depending on the time of the day.

(upbeat electronic music) Now, just like the last video, the computer is not a factor in the price point of the setup.

Thumbs up, though, ifyou're excited to see a non-Apple computer in the video.

What I am including withthis budget, though, is a really cool pair ofwireless Bluetooth speakers.

So, these are the JBL Jembe BTs.

And what I mean by wirelessis they allow you to ditch the aux cable or a USBcable and connect directly to your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Now, you're gonna be ableto avoid cables completely because you do need to connect to power and these to each other, but having that one less cabledoes help keep things clean.

The compact design and thegunmetal-ish gray finish looks fantastic next to thespeakers and the lights.

And while these may notbe the biggest speakers in the world, they pack areally good punch for their size and are gonna be a fantastic upgrade over stock computer speakers.

Now, if you're wonderingwhere all those cables went, I'm using the exact samechannel cable raceway as the last setup.

And for $20, this thing is a lifesaver.

It attaches through a 3Madhesive to the back of the desk and you can see how well it works.

You pair that with a couple cable drops and you've got a superclean and tidy setup.

So, closing off thesetup, in the last video, I saw a lotta comments in the vein of, "Cool setup bro, but where is the chair?" Now, because we have a higherbudget to mess around with, this time I got you.

So, this is a Poly and Bark Eames Style Molded Plastic Chair, whichis pretty much a clone of the Herman Miller version.

It's a fraction of the price, and honestly most peoplearen't gonna be able to tell the difference if youhad these two side-by-side.

These come in a ton ofdifferent color combinations, but I think the dark plasticmixed with the dark wood legs really complement this setup well.

But seriously, if you've been eyeing that Herman Miller chair but don't wanna drop that kinda cash, these for under $70 arereally, really good.

So, that brings us to agrand total of around $460, and that means you got someroom to play around with, whether it's accessories,cable management; hell, maybe you wanna swapout the chair, the speakers.

It is not meant to be anexact piece-by-piece replica for you to copy, moreso justfor inspiration and ideas.

Aside from that, I wouldlove to see your setup, so hit me up on Instagram,Twitter; show me what you got.

And if you haven't seen the last episode or Dream Desk yet, check those out here.

This is Jonathan and Iwill catch you guys later.

(upbeat electronic music).

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