Release Your Shoulders With This Office Desk Stretch – #WellnessWednesday

It's that time again to take a quicksecond to just breathe.

So follow along with this quick desk stretch that youcan do in your office to release your shoulders and open up your chest.

So situp nice and tall on your sitting bones, and create the shape of a goalpost withyour forearms.

From there, cross your right elbow over your left, clasping theforearms and the hands, or just the forearms.

From there, you're going to takean inhale and lift the shape up toward the ceiling, and then exhale and curl theshape in.

Inhale as you lift the shape up, and then exhale as you lower the shape in.

Lift the shape back up and take a big stretch into those shoulders and thenrelease the arms, circle them wide open through your chest.

Other side,we're going to start with the goalposts arms with the forearms, cross your leftelbow over your right, clasping the forearms and then the palms, if you canfinagle it, feel those shoulders drop down your back as you inhale the shape up andthen exhale, curl the shape in.

Inhale lifting and lengthening up up up up upup, and then exhale, shoulders stretch as you curl in.

Lift the shape back up, movethe forearms away from your face and take one more big breath into those shoulders,and then reach the arms up, open them wide, stretch through the wingspan as youopen to your chest… and rest.

Thanks for tuning in.

Be sure to join us next Wednesday for another office desk stretch.

See you then![Music].

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