[BenchX] TrakRacer LS6 Gaming Chair Review – w/ English SUBTITLES

Hello guys, iam João from Benchx and welcome to another video on our channel.

Today we bring you a product a little different from what you are used to but that becomes as vital as any good PC component.

It is very important we get a good posture and comfortability during the time we are on the front of the monitor whether we are playing or working.

It is here that the office chairs become important because unfortunately not all give everything we need for long periods of use.

The problems associated with prolonged use of a bad chair, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer can be really serious for our body so it is of utmost importance to choose a chair that meets all the essential requirements.

For the review of today we have a product that can meet these same requirements, the gaming chair LS6 of TrakRacer whom we have to thank you in advance for making this review possible.

This is another gaming chair in a market increasingly loaded of other options, this type of chairs with a design inspired by the race car seats are increasingly taken as an alternative to a normal office chair due to its stylish look and its ergonomic structure.

The assembly of the LS6 proved to be greatly simplified and it took about 25 minutes which goes alongside the time listed on the official product page.

Included we have all the tools required for the assembly and an intuitive manual with well achieved illustrations that makes this task quite easy and without bigger problems.

The only point that was more difficult was the alignment of the side fitting plastic covers but nothing that some persistence can not solve.

On the support we have available a large 350mm base with a total of five wheels which supports a steel structure with a maximum weight of 250kg showing the strength of the materials used in production.

With an exterior covered with black synthetic leather this is a simple racing chair unlike the increasingly colorful and futuristic versions that come out.

For me, this has a very elegant design and suitable for most uses either casual or professional.

In the center of the back we have embroidery the brand logo also in black tones.

Included we have two pads especially used to increase comfort, either in the lumbar area or in the head area.

These guarantee at the same time a more colorful look to the chair through the variations of the logo with red and white details.

In the body we have implemented supports for legs and shoulders, achieving a more stable posture and fitting firmer body.

Regarding the most important features we have available adjustable armrests with a choice between 8 different positions.

A seat height adjustment through its variable gas lift, allowing the adjustment set in a range from 36 cm to 45.

5 cm.

And finally a reclining backrest that allows the placement of the body in a practically horizontal position an important feature for situations that we need to put us more comfortably in the chair, for example, while watching a movie.

After a few days of use we can say with certainty that this is a chair that has a lot to offer.

Its design is really elegant, ergonomics very well achieved and the construction quality very solid.

The body showed adapt very well to the chair structure managing a good lumbar and back support.

The seat also proved to be very successful with its firm foam, not creating any numbness even after several hours of use.

The cushion for the head support secured a higher comfortability for certain uses, which is always an interesting addition.

However the lumbar support cushion did not represent significant improvements, being the fitting of the body unstable with its use.

Yet this opinion is a bit personal and can vary from person to person depending mainly on posture used in the chair.

All mechanisms have proven to be very robust and there is no feeling of weakness in the movements of the fittings.

The armrests were without doubt true versatile and the height adjustment very smooth.

As for the LS6 is a very complete product that can rival the most popular brands on the market deserving without a doubt from us the GOLD and RECOMMENDED awards.

In addition to a beautiful appearance and improved finishes this can also ensure an identical comfort being in the end the most important feature when purchasing a new chair.

Well guys and so we conclude another review on our channel.

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